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The History Of Cleveleys Group Practice

Cleveleys Group Practice dates back to 1926 when Dr Dignum put up his plate at a house on Victoria Road near the duck pond.  At that time Cleveleys was expanding rapidly and he soon took Dr Schofield as a partner.  When the NHS was formed in 1948, Dr Dignum continued in private practice, leaving Dr Schofield to develop the NHS practice. 

He very soon took on a new partner, Dr Hayes and the two doctors continued in practice together until the early 1970’s, with a variety of third partners, Dr Fitzgerald, Dr Bell, Dr Powell, Dr Kelly and finally Dr Prentice who was to succeed both of the original partners and stay for 20 years.

Dr Hamish McDonald succeeded Dr Schofield in 1972 and Dr Llewellyn joined the practice in 1973, succeeding Dr Hayes.  In 1978 as a result of expansion in the mid 1970’s, we appointed a fourth partner, Dr Thiagarajan often known as Dr Rajan or simply “Raj”. 

In 1984 the purpose built Cleveleys Health Centre opened and with a growing patient population Cleveleys Group Practice moved to the new building.

Dr McDonald decided to leave Cleveleys in 1986 and Dr Andrew Whittle was appointed in his place. On Dr Prentice’s retirement in 1988 Dr Rosemary Van Ross joined the practice, though she left us after 3 years as a result of her husband’s career move, to be succeeded by Dr Arvanitis.

On Dr Rajan’s retirement in 1997 Dr Scott joined the practice. In 2002, however, and as a result of changes in medical practice and a further huge expansion in patient numbers the previous year, the practice felt the need for a fifth partner.  Dr Simon Bevz was appointed to join the partnership in May 2005 and Dr Sue Fairhead joined us in July 2009. Dr Scott retired from General Practice in March 2016. In April 2018 Dr Waqaas Yousaf joined the practice and in April 2021, Dr Fiaz Yousaf joined the partnership.

Currently we are the largest practice in Cleveleys with over 13,000 patients registered. We strive to provide the best care for our patients and offer a wide range of appointments, clinics and services