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The Torentum Primary Care Network is a collaboration of 3 GP Practice’s;

The Crescent Surgery
Cleveleys Group Practice
The Thornton Practice

Contact Details

PCN Manager: Lisa Banks
Contact Details: [email protected]

Our PCN Manager, Lisa Banks is responsible for day to day management of the PCN and in liaison with the Clinical Directors and Practice Managers, helps to set the strategic direction of the organisation.

Mission, vision and values

Mission, vision and values

Torentum Medium Term Strategy

Torentum Medium Term Strategy



Roles within the PCN

Social Prescriber Link Workers

There are many things that affect your health and wellbeing and not all of these are best resolved with medication. Social Prescribers help people with non-medical concerns that affect their health and wellbeing. Many patients visit their GP because they feel isolated or lonely; some are stressed by work (or unemployment), money (or benefits), childcare or housing problems, or sometimes it is the stress of managing a long-term health condition that brings people to the surgery.

If you are interested in this service, ring the surgery and our team will put you in touch with the Social Prescribing Link Worker who will call you for a chat. They will help you identify areas in your life where services and support could help you feel better and more confident in being able to manage your current situation and health.

Care Co-ordinators

Our Care Co-ordination Team works with patients across all 3 GP practices, helping people at key points in their life; for example providing support following a bereavement, guiding people to the correct service when they want to manage their weight or providing support and access to services following a cancer diagnosis. They also support our local care home residents, working closely with the Care Home Managers and GPs to ensure each resident has the care they need.

Our Care Co-ordination Team can also provide support for those needing more support over the winter months and those caring for others. You will also see lots of their patient information on the practices’ Facebook accounts, aimed at giving you details of activities available in the local area and health information, e.g. spotting early warning signs in your health.


The PCN Pharmacist works with patients who are on many different types of medication to review their prescriptions and ensure they understand what each of their medications is for. Each Practice also has its own Pharmacy team working to ensure patients receive the right medication at the right time. If you have questions about your medications, please do not hesitate to contact the prescription line.