Social Prescribers

Who are our Social Prescriber and what can they do to help you?
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Social Prescriber Service

What matters to you?

Take control of your health and wellbeing

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About Social Prescribing?

What is Social Prescribing?

Social Prescribing involves Link Workers sharing their time with you, focussing on ‘what matters to you’. We connect people to community groups or statutory services for practical and emotional support.

Who are we?

Jo, Sarah, Nia and Sam are the Social Prescribing team for your GP practice. Your GPs know that many things affect your health and wellbeing and not all of these are clinical and best dealt with by medication or treatment alone. Many patients visit their GP because they feel isolated or lonely.

Some are stressed by work, money, childcare or housing problems, or sometimes it’s the stress of managing a long-term health condition that brings you to the surgery. Social Prescribers are here to listen to you and help you access the right people, services and activities that may benefit you.

How can we help you?

Your Social Prescriber is there to listen to you and put your needs at the forefront of every decision you make. We could link you or introduce you to a community group, a new activity or a local club. We may help you find legal advice, debt counselling, housing support or the right person to help you find a job or volunteering opportunity.

Your Social Prescriber will look to give you specific information and guidance on your situation or suggest local resources that might help. They could even support you to create something new such as a gardening club, a fishing group, a ‘men’s shed’ or knit and natter group.

Why try it?

Social Prescribing can help you to have more control over your own health and wellbeing, find ways to improve how you feel in a way that suits you. We know it works. Why don’t you give it a go?

Studies show that people get better and feel better faster than those treated with medication alone. Because it works, it is happening more and more.

What happens next?

After you have been referred, your Social Prescribing Link Worker will call you for a chat. We will then help you identify areas in your life, where services and support could help you feel better and more confident in being able to manage your current situation and health. We will spend time learning about the ideas you may already have, and what is currently working well in your life.

Together we will discuss what is working well now, explore what is important to you and what issues you may want help with. We develop a shared agreement on your goals, find local services and activities and help you find and access local services and activities.

Your care will still be overseen by your GP. We are part of a wider GP practice team and can provide a link between all the people who support you.

The Social Prescribers work with other teams in the primary care network to ensure you get the right care, at the right time from the right person.

Meet the Team

Jo Carson

Jo has spent 20 years working in the Ambulance Service, Care Agency, Trinity and Hospice at Home before becoming a Social Prescriber.

Sarah Norton-Jones

Sarah has spent 20 years in mental health recovery, working at Blackpool Victoria Hospital and with children with complex needs before becoming a Social Prescriber.

Nia Cuddihee

Nia has worked and volunteered within a mental health setting for 5 years and has supported many patients to improve their mental health, before becoming a Social Prescriber.

Sam Arnold

Sam has spent over 20 years working at the Cleveleys Medical Centre in a variety of roles, supporting patients with their medical and social needs, before becoming a Social Prescriber.